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Musgrave at 90

On May 27, 2018, Thea Musgrave will celebrate her ninetieth birthday, reaching another impressive milestone in her seventy-year career as a composer. Over the next two seasons, orchestras, choirs and conservatoires across Europe and the US will be performing her work to mark the occasion.

Below you will find everything you need to know about the latest celebrations taking place for Thea Musgrave's 90th birthday. Browse Novello's new brochures of instrumental works, operas and choral music below, marking the occasion and featuring tributes, in-depth programme notes, and previously unseen photographs. Whether you are programming or attending, keep up with events on social media by following #Musgrave90.  



Musgrave: Where the Practicality Comes In

Composer, journalist and lecturer Frank J. Oteri sits down with Thea Musgrave for a in depth interview ahead of her ninetieth celebrations in 2018. 

Featured Events


1-2 February, 2018

In Focus Thea Musgrave.jpg

27 MAY, 2018



The Royal Northern College of Music and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra welcome the great Scottish-American composer Thea Musgrave to Manchester in this, her 90th year. The festival will contain three concerts of works by Musgrave as well as an introductory conversation with the composer , Clark Rundell leads the conservatoire's New Ensemble, Wind Orchestra and the BBC's orchestra in the north of England through a comprehensive selection of her music. Cellist Josephine Knight gives the world premiere of new work, From Darkness into the Light at the Media City Studio in Salford.

Selected performances:

Feb 1  |  RNCM Concert Hall
RNCM New Ensemble, RNCM Wind Orchestra

Musgrave: Lamenting with Ariadne
Musgrave: Power Play
Musgrave: Space Play
Musgrave: Journey Through a Japanese Landscape
Edgar Diver: New Work

Feb 2  |  Philharmonic Studio, MediaCityUK
BBC Philhamonic Orchestra

Musgrave: Song of the Enchanter
Musgrave: Songs for a Winter's Evening
Musgrave: Five Songs for Spring (world premiere of orchestrated version)
Musgrave: From Darkness into the Light (world premiere)
Musgrave: The Seasons


A Birthday Concert in NYC

Join Thea Musgrave, Dr Harold Rosenbaum, and the New York Virtuoso Singers in a celebratory birthday concert at The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City, on May 27. A longtime supporter of Thea's work, Rosenbaum conducts an evening of choral music and excerpts from Musgrave's grand operas Mary, Queen of Scots; Harriet, the Woman Called Moses; and Simón Bolívar.  Also featured in the concert is the US Prmeiere of Musgrave's The Voices of Our Ancestors. 

Musgrave: Rorate Coeli (1977)
Musgrave: The Voices of Our Ancestors (2014) US premiere
Musgrave: La Vida es Sueño (2017) world premiere
Musgrave: Manuela's Aria from Simón Bolívar (1994)
Musgrave: Duet and Lament from Harriet, the Woman Called Moses (1984)
Musgrave: Ensemble from Mary, Queen of Scots (1977)

24 june, 2018


Wells Cathedral premiere Musgrave's Missa Brevis

Matthew Owens and the Choir of Wells Cathedral, England premiere the latest choral work from Thea Musgrave in a Cathedral Eucharist on June 24. The service will serve part of a wider celebration of her music that week. 


Thea Musgrave at Ninety Honorary Committee

Thea Musgrave and Peter Mark would like to thank those who have agreed to join the Musgrave at Ninety Honorary Committee - a group of artists, friends and programmers committed to promoting the performance of Thea's work in this celebratory year.  

Russell P Allen

Edward Armitage

Martina Arroyo

Pamela Ashurst

Howard Bender

William Boughton

Martyn Brabbins

Lady Hilary Browne-Wilkinson

Frederick Burchinal

Lynne Cantlay and Bob Klein

Richard Chesser

Tom Cipullo

Cynthia Clarey

Nicholas Cleobury

Don & Marilyn Conlan

James Conlon

Victoria Crowe & Michael Walton

Will Crutchfield

Nicholas Daniel

Dorothy Danner

Alteouise DeVaughn

Scott Dunn

Adrian Farmer

David Farrar

Michael Fennelly

John and Renny Field

Muschi & Fred Fisher

Renée Fleming

Tony Fogg

Pamela Freund-Striplen

Howard Friend

Richard Gaddes

Jake Gardner

Carolyn & Tom Garner

Pamela Gillies

Carol Gilligan

Evelyn Glennie

Roger & Ellen Golde

Lauri D Goldenhersh

Paul Goodwin

Cathy Graham

Gill Graham

Julian Grant

Hilary Griffiths

Carol & Murray Grigor

Lillian Groag

Lord David Hacking

Eva & Yoel Haller

Anne & Rufus Hallmark

Yehuda Hanani

Edythe Harrison

Cynthia Haymon

Rosemarie Helmbrecht

Lowell Hill & Karen Molleson

Rosemary Johnson

Alice Kandell

Nina Kelly

James Kendrick

Lady Helena Kennedy

Joyce Bourne Kennedy

Douglas Knehans

Josephine Knight

Oliver Knussen

Nicholas Kraemer

Leslie La Barre

Eilana Lappalainen

Anne LeBaron

Thomas Le Brocq

Jude & Michael Lorimer

Carey Lovelace

Lillian Lovelace

Hugh MacDonald

Tony Mackintosh

Jane Manning & Tony Payne

Peter Mark

Colin Matthews

David Mazza

Gerard McBurney

David McLeery

Sasha Valeri Millwood

Evans Mirageas

Andreas Mitisek

Paula Mlyn

Peggy Monastra

John & Caroline Mortimer

Tad Motyka

Barli Nugent

Jenny Okun & Richard Sparks

Martin Owen

Frank J. Oteri





Greg Palitz

Dick Pittman

Fred Plotkin

Rick Prins & Connie Steensma

Rodney Punt

Ashley Putnam

Gena Raps

William Remmers

Viscount Ridley & Anya Hurlbert

 George and Margaret Rizza

Richard Robinson

Harold & Edie Rosenbaum

James & Anne Rushton

Joel Sachs

Allison Sampson

Marc Scorca

Paul Sekhri

Graham Sheffield

George Shirley

Ed Smaldone

Patrick Smith

Victoria Soames

Rachel Sokolow

Adrian Spence

Pat Spencer

Sarah Stephens

Garth Edwin Sunderland

Jim Svejda

Peter Tiboris

Barry Tuckwell

Stephanie Vlahos

Nancy Van Deusen

Jack Van Zandt

Jeff von der Schmidt

Joe Walsh

Judith Weir

Estela Welldon

Sam Wilcock

Carol Wincenc

Darren K. Woods

John Woolf